Lesson 3 of 3 – The BIG mistake made by most small business owners with their website – and how to fix it



Lesson 1 – Be the project manager for your own website
Lesson 2 – All the answers to the unsexiest questions in the world
Deonne Kruger’s  Simple Things Photography website
Unsplash – free stock images
16 second YouTube video demonstrating progressive image loading
Tool to check if an image on your computer is progressive
Tool to check if an image on the internet is progressive
tinypng.com – compress png images, make jpeg images progressive (good for Mac users since you can’t use RIOT)
RIOT – Radical Image Optimization Tool
PDF 1 – Basic Image Training
PDF 2 – How to prepare images for your website

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There’s no transcript!

This lesson is released without a transcript, I apologise for that. There are, however, two PDF documents which I use in the course. You can download and refer to those. They’re under ‘Links’ above.

Here’s why there’s no transcript:

These lessons are being prepared and released in real time. On the weekend I worked like a mad woman filming, editing and uploading lesson 2. On Monday 15th May we released it.

On Tuesday (that’s today, as I’m writing it) I’m filming, editing and uploading lesson 3. It’s going out on Wednesday.

We’re not a big corporation, we’re a small business, like you, figuring out how to make everything fit into one day. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work and you have to cut yourself some slack. Today the transcript got the chop.

You see, it’s my birthday today. I’m temporarily located in the wheatbelt of Western Australia, where I grew up. My brother phoned this morning and asked if I’d like to go and look at all the newborn baby lambs. I said no, because I had too much work to do. Can you believe it? Fancy saying no to a trip to see new baby lambs! Geez Louise.

Tonight my parentals have invited me to dinner and my daughter wants to Skype from France and I’m thinking it all sounds like a jolly good plan – much better than flogging myself to death all night.

So I’m sorry. Really. And I hope you have the bandwidth to access the video because it’s packed with learning.

Your Turn

Please leave a comment below. How did you go with optimising an image?

Did you check images on someone else’s website? Were they progressive?




  1. Kolleen

    Cath this was your best dance ever! When are you releasing the music video?

    Again, great info. The image issue lesson was spot on. You rock!

    • Cath

      Thank you so much Kolleen! Music video is coming up….

  2. Bec Steele

    I just shared the riot link with a friend of mine who has a pc and was getting frustrated because she couldn’t resize them. So that was what i got out of today’s lesson. Looking out for the rego email…

    • Cath

      Well done Bec. You’re definitely in the running for the high achiever award!

  3. Jinny Coyle

    Cath, I’ve been on the road al day so haven’t had a chance to check the video but I have to say that the pdf’s are worth their weight in gold! This is the stuff everyone who is trying to get the google gods love must understand. I reckon this course is going to be amaze-balls! (Oh, that’s aside from the fact that I’m one of the trainers LOL)

  4. Deonne Kruger

    What lovely things you said about me and my website Cath – thank you!!! Why don’t you come in for a photoshoot & then you can star on it??? 😉
    And I can definitely confirm that getting your photos looking good and to load quickly on your website is a must!!!

    • Cath

      Ooh THAT sounds like fun Deonne!

  5. Pablo

    Happy Birthday, Cath!!!!
    I’m a Windows user and have been making websites for quite a few years and I had never heard of RIOT or even understood that “progressive” mumbo-jumbo until today. Thank you so much for this series.

    • Cath

      Thanks Pablo. I’m so glad you found this lesson useful. After all the things I’ve learned from other people in the community it’s really great to be able to give something back 🙂

  6. emily

    thanks for another great lesson Cath i hope to hear from you soon and a lot of helpful tools given in this lesson very easy to understand

  7. Anne

    Another great lesson full of sooo needed tips and tools for the fun stuff – loading images! BTW, the native photo manipulation software for MAC is Aperture, Lightroom will do the same but at a vastly cheaper price. Cath, thanks for your authenticity & energy, I’m really looking forward to being part of the first online course.

    • Cath

      Thanks Anne. And I’ve just remembered the one that comes with Mac (that I was thinking of) is called ‘Preview’.

  8. Susan Donnison

    Loved it. You are so real. I read and learn everything I can about websites and you taught me new things- about image optimization and the clicking thing. Thank you for your videos!
    I am no professional but built my website on my own (using a theme) and I would love to hear your input on it if you want.


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